Bikercore is key-trend we needed.


Also "igniting" the trend's engines - anticipating by about two seasons the arrival predicted by trendsetters and cool hunters - was Rosalìa's album "MOTOMAMI."

From Rosalìa’s Motomami to Julia Fox’s Denim suit, here is the Bikercore aesthetic for you.

Maybe you’re old enough to remember that at some point in the early 2000s, few people started dressing in leather jackets with fast zippers and reinforced shoulder pads, flat-soled hi-top sneakers that resembled those used for Grand Prix, like the Puma Future Cat Mid Pro; then you know what we’re referring to.

The Bikercore is the evolution of the Racer Style we witnessed at the beginning of the Millennium, from which it draws a manlike aesthetic, if we can still talk about a style divided by gender.

This key-trend revolving around the world of motorcycles and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, in which leather suits with reinforced elbows, shoulders and knees become the stars, along with full-face helmets, worn leather spikes, studs and amphibians.

Also igniting the trend’s engines – anticipating by about two seasons the arrival predicted by trendsetters and cool hunters – was Rosalìa’s album “MOTOMAMI.”

On the album cover, the Spanish singer appears completely naked with only a full-face biker helmet, an accessory that would become the constant of her look throughout the tour and even at the Met Gala 2022, along with Blit biker jacket, thigh-high leather boots, racer jumpsuit; custom made all signed by Spanish designer Pepa Salazar.


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That look somewhere between aggressive and seductive came across as familiar and alluring, arousing immediate interest.

Bikercore has since settled on the runways of Chanel, Balenciaga, Jacquemus, Coperni; adopted by celebrities such as Julia Fox who, at the Tribeca Film Festival, wore a total black leather look consisting of a very low-waisted miniskirt, sculptural 3D-printed bralette top, knee-high latex boots and – of course – used leather jacket; or Kim Kardashian, inseparable from her very expensive Balenciaga Biker jacket.


The contemporary Biker aesthetic has essentially two declinations: one is pop and derives from the Y2K fashion of the beginning of the millennium. Its main source of inspiration is the manga Akira, created in 1982 by Katsuhiro Ōtomo; the other current approaches it in a softer way, diluting the classic codes of Bikercore with more romantic elements, such as Chanel’s Cruise collection, which paraded its models on the Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit, reinterpreted the formula 1 driver-style jumpsuit; or Simone Rocha‘s, which mixes oversized leather jackets with tulle and beads.

Bikercore has already conquered much of the industry, nevertheless, the pinnacle of success will be reached in the upcoming Fall -Winter 22/23 season; try typing #bikeraesthetic, #bikeraestheticgirl, #bikerstyle or #bikerjacket to understand the extent of the phenomenon, which is now trending towards constant growth.

Will you be a Motomami, too?

WORDS: Manuela Palma



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