Gaetano De Angelis

Bronx, San Giovanni – Naples, East Side.

In a neighborhood often forgotten by many and addressed as dangerous, hides a vibrant scene linked to urban culture and in particular Hip-hop music.

Gaetano De Angelis, a street photographer for more than 10 years and famous for collaborations with artist like Luche and Geolier, guided us to discover the “Bronx” in San Giovanni.

A strong sense of belonging, a desire to break through while staying true to their roots and an attitude to face life with determination are the qualities that characterize this Community.

Only through Gaetano’s eyes and his art we were able to identify and fall in love with one of the most authentic suburbs of Naples.

“My photographic world is the world of a guy who lives his city in 360 degrees. I have never considered photography an art but a powerful medium of communication.

In my photos there is nothing but the story of my life, made up of incredible encounters, roads traveled, faces, contradictions, and experiences. I have always sought beauty in truth, redemption, and simplicity.

Naples with its suburbs has given me everything, moving me away from loneliness and helping me make sincere relationships. I owe everything to her and to photography.”

Gaetano De Angelis


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