Naples, Quartieri Spagnoli.

Together with Jake Hartwell, co-founder of the “Basement Community”, we went on a tour of Quartieri Spagnoli in Naples.

In a place where tradition blends with different cultures making it as unique as it is fascinating.

From old faces to new generations, everything finds its right balance in one of the most multicultural and, at the same time, most authentic neighborhoods in the City.

Jake‘s love and genuine curiosity for Neapolitan culture made this tale a one-of-a-kind experience.

“For me the Quartieri Spagnoli is the quintessential Neapolitan life.

Here you find a huge mix of locals, people, nationals and workers.

It is impossible to taste Naples without stepping foot in the Quartieri, an area that has suffered from prejudice and still does today.

An area that the sun literally doesn’t shine but is lit up by the people and attitudes.

With this project we aimed to showcase the typical honest people who inhabit and work in the QS.

Chi è povero ‘e denaro è ricco ‘e core.”

                                                                                     Jake Hartwell


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