Together with Mila Cuomo, an emerging talented photographer, we explored the neighborhood where two different cultures meet and find out they have much in common to share.

Sociality, kindness, authenticity, religiosity and a strong sense of family belonging makes them close and complementary.

Following Pedro and his eyes, through Mila’s sensitivity and empathy, we discovered a world we knew only on the surface.

“Naples is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and living there, for me, is a blessing.
It hosts everyone with open arms, without distinction.
For this project I wanted to focus on South American culture, going deep into their homes, and the places they usually frequent.
I am fascinated by the integration with the Neapolitan reality, as this culture is very similar to ours: sociability, kindness, authenticity and a strong religious belonging.
A cup of coffee is enough to bring the whole community together, as if it were a moment of break from the surrounding reality.
I decided to photograph and capture their habits, customs and ways of doing things, which are complementary to ours.
It was a unique experience and I think the best story was told through Pedro’s seemingly spent eyes, which transmitted so much to me.”

                                                                                                   Mila Cuomo


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