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tales from underground

tales from under-

tales from underground
tales from underground tales from underground
tales from underground
tales from underground tales from underground
tales from underground

It’s very easy to judge a book by its cover and with cities is no exception. We often see them as space where large numbers of people live, work, have fun, interact but if you look closer you could see a variety of subcultures, characters and neighborhoods which are the souls a city is made of, souls that are often not seen, misrepresented or even misjudged.

With Tales From Underground, Black Box wants to show what hides below the surface, take it out to celebrate its beauty and underline how important it is to the city’s life itself.

This time, we are in Naples with four talented photographers Gaetano De Angelis, Maria Clara Macri, Jake Hartwell and Mila Cuomo, together with them, we have created a space in which they can freely express with the main focus of creating a meeting point for the community, a space for cultural enrichment related to street and culture with the aim to show a sincere portrait of a heterogeneous and multifaceted world

June 20, 2022



PEDRO Together with Mila Cuomo, an emerging talented photographer, we explored the neighborhood where two different cultures meet and find out they have much in common to share. Sociality, kindness, authentic ...

June 13, 2022



Naples, Quartieri Spagnoli. Together with Jake Hartwell, co-founder of the "Basement Community", we went on a tour of Quartieri Spagnoli in Naples. In a place where tradition blends with dif ...

June 6, 2022



LA NIÑA Naples is swarming with very talented artists that not always make it to the news or are appreciated by the big crowds. Nonetheless they have an energy that is real, pure and worth paying attention to.

May 27, 2022

Gaetano De Angelis


Bronx, San Giovanni - Naples, East Side. In a neighborhood often forgotten by many and addressed as dangerous, hides a vibrant scene linked to urban culture and in particular Hip-hop music. Gaetano De Angelis ...