The Queen B’s Renaissance.


Beyoncé’s Renaissance style is structured on the excesses: naked dress, mirrors discoballs effect on accessories as crystal cigarettes, maxi stiletto nails, absurd geometric hairstyle, extra volume dresses.

Beyoncé’s new album is monumental, full of stylistic and artistic references. Find out which ones.

For her new record work – RenaissenceBeyoncé signs a work full of artistic references, emphasizing many designers (known and emerging), literary, artistic works, and tributes to pop characters.

After a six-year absence, Queen B is back in the news, confirming herself as an icon of fashion and extravagance, as well as a contemporary diva.

Here are all the Renaissence features:

On the cover the pop star is shown half-naked, riding a horse that appears to be made of crystal, diamond dia and hologrammed.

A reference both to Lady Godiva, the Anglo-Saxon noblewoman wife of Earl Leofric of Coventry who – according to tradition – rode naked through the streets of Coventry to obtain the abolition of an additional tribute imposed by her husband on his subjects, in 990; and to the disco atmospheres of Studio 54, when, in 1977, Bianca Jagger entered the legendary New York Jet-Set club riding a white horse.

Her cover look was created by Nusi Quero, a Los Angeles-based brand whose couture pieces are conceived digitally, then made with a 3D printer.

“Godiva” John Collier, 1897; Bianca Jagger, 1977

Once the double vinyl cover is opened, the artist appears lying on the same crystal horse, wearing a dress integrated with a cape of fringe, crystals and feathers, paired with a white Cow Girl hat.

The scene is set on a sort of stage, complete with a red drape, while a panel with a Renaissance painting stands out in the background, echoing the concept of the entire album. This time the diva relied on Dominican-Lebanese designer Giannina Azar and fashion stylist Marni Snofonte. In both covers, the hats are very long and echo the waves of Botticelli’s Venus.


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The launch of the seventh album was followed by a visual storytelling posted on her socials-a true style narrative during which Beyoncé paid homage to artists she loves, such as Cher, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, Nina Simone.

Her style in Renaissance is structured on the excesses, naked dress, latex, extra volume dresses, transparencies, hats with veils, mirrors discoballs effect on dresses and accessories, such as crystal cigarettes, maxi stiletto nails, absurd geometric hairstyle, such as cone hairstyle.

Other looks include a gold metal dress by Thierry Mugler, a lime transparent lace mermaid gown by Azzedine Alaïa, and a black and white outfit by Bethany Cordwell.

Beyoncé pays homage to Madonna and her iconic Jean-Paul Gautier pointed-cup corset from the 1990s, however, choosing a Haute Couture Shiaparelli bodysuit made by Daniel Rose Berry, paired with patent leather platform scapes, polka-dotted Parisian stockings, and oversized gold drop earrings.

Beyoncé as Madonna
Tribute to Nina Nina Simone and her conic hairstyle
Beyoncé as Lady Gaga



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