“New Blue Sun’: André 3000’s Return Isn’t What You Think.

‘New Blue Sun’ is a consistent album.

Consistent with André’s paradigm shift, choosing to live in Venice Beach, California, after Atlanta and then New York. Consistent with his proximity to Rick Rubin, the relaxed and mystically inspired environment he has been immersed in for years, and his lifelong love for the flute.

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Tommy Hilfiger’s Legacy in Hip Hop Music and Culture.

There was a brief shift from the almost exclusively sporty style of the rappers, who wore famous brands such as adidas and Puma, to the search for something more adherent to hip hop culture, which had to explicate, with the immediacy of an outfit, being moved from rags to riches. And, from this point of view, the Preppy was perfectly corresponding to the American dream of wealth and affluence.

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MerchCore: From Music Subculture to Mainstream Streetwear.

MerchCore has become a constant presence in street style photos around the world, worn mainly by celebrities.
Yet, some will remember when Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were photographed wearing Metallica and Slayer T-shirts, sparking anger and criticism from fans of the two bands, who accused the sisters of irreparably damaging the merchandising of the heavy metal scene?

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Best Rappers’ Cameos in Movies.

From the early 1980s, many rappers have tried their hand at acting, playing themselves or characters designed to leave an indelible impression in the memory, often contributing to the very success of the film.

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The psychedelic and surreal Utopia imagined by Travis Scott.

The whole record goes into a deep, dark spiral inhabited in the rapper’s mind, which brings dormant emotions to the surface with clarity and lucidity. Utopia is a record of the present, with few hints of the past or future, without the proverbial dark nostalgia of Astroworld, but just as sharp.

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