All Tyler, the Creator personalities.

Tyler showed a dual version of himself: a genuine, authentic, somewhat awkward boy; on the other side an eccentric, irreverent, mysterious personality. All contrivances to creatively process his past family traumas, suicidal thoughts, marginalization and the absence of a father figure in his life.

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The Queen B’s Renaissance.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance style is structured on the excesses: naked dress, mirrors discoballs effect on accessories as crystal cigarettes, maxi stiletto nails, absurd geometric hairstyle, extra volume dresses.

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The unforgettable moments of the Grammy Awards 22

the Recording Academy has been experiencing intense struggles due to accusations of exploitation, trafficking and corruption that has sent CEO into a state of disrepute and pushed some of the biggest stars in music to publicly renounce the legitimacy of the Grammys, such as Drake and The Weekend.
So far “all” well.

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