Victorian Sneakers of the Future according A.I.


A.I. has reworked some of Nike's most iconic silhouettes, such as the Vapormax, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Force 1, even the bolder version with Platform, called the "Shadow."

The “Shoes of the Future” are not quite what we Expected.

Who or what is behind the IG account ai_clothingdaily we don’t know yet; the only information available to us is placed of the bio, with a lapidary description, “Artificially Generated Clothing Posted Daily.”

A.I. Clothing Daily is a page dedicated to fashion design made by artificial intelligence and run by the Japanese multi-brand platform

Over the past few days, attention has been falling on their social: photos of sneakers designed by Clothing Daily‘s very own A.I. have been re-posted just about everywhere, and the result was not quite what we expected.


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Un post condiviso da @ai_clothingdaily

All Sneakers designed by A.I.

From plasticky 21st-century lacework, unlikely trimmings on the upper to tiny, embossed appliqués reminiscent of coral at the bottom of the ocean, A.I. Sneakers look like something out of a Victorian banquet in 1800s England rather than the Future.

A.I. has “reworked” some of Nike‘s most iconic silhouettes, such as the Vapormax, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Force 1, even their bolder version with Platform, called “Shadow”.

This Nike has been designed by Artificial Intelligence.
Nike Air Max 97 designed by A.I.

The upper of these Sneakers has received a “evanescent” treatment, disappearing almost completely from the shoe’s structure, becoming a lightweight, textured plasticized veil with articulated, soft movements all along the surface.

This Sneakers had been designed by Artificial intelligence
Nike Air Force 1 Shadow designed by A.I.

The Nike logo present on almost every silhouette leaves some doubt that this is a collaboration, though still neither confirmed nor denied by the global brand.

Their retro futuristic design may be off-putting, certainly moving away from the sense of restraint and discretion to which many Sneakers lovers are accustomed; they also seem appropriate for some alternative elegant ceremony, or a movie set in a dystopic future.

This Sneakers has been designed by Artificial Intelligence
Nike Air Vapormax designed by A.I.

Nike Models in Renaissance immagined by a Software.

Back in October 2022, digital artist  @Str4nge Thing used artificial intelligence to create his Nick Name eponymous collection, juxtaposing Sneakers and Nike tracksuits against Renaissance-era backgrounds.


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Un post condiviso da Str4ngeThing 💎 SR (@str4ngething)

The artist described his works as anachronistic images inspired by the Mandela effect, or a phenomenon that refers to collective false historical memories. The figures in the collection were imagined by Software AI and dressed according to streetwear of the future, with oversized proportions and silhouettes, to show the creative potential that Artificial Intelligence can have.

The artist included a rendering of a Nike Sneaker that appears to be an Air Max model from 2050.

Nike designed by A.I Software
Nike designed by A.I. Software
What about you, would you wear a Sneaker made by A.I?



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