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Considering the Trends of the new Generations, Pop Culture, Runways, Lifestyle, and analyzing insider documents, we have selected three major trends that will make a strong impact in 2024 and should be closely monitored.

Let’s take a look at the trends to keep an eye on for the just-started year!

Considering the trends of the new generations, pop culture, runways, lifestyle, and analyzing industry documents, we’ve selected some key trends that will have a strong impact in 2024 and are absolutely worth monitoring.

We’re gearing up for a year dominated by sports and sporty style, not just the already familiar soccer trend, which, thanks to Euro 2024, will strengthen and affirm its influence. Streetwear brands will also draw inspiration from new sports sectors, such as cycling, car racing, Formula 1, and women’s figure skating.

As we leave Gorpcore behind (interactions have significantly decreased since 2023), Utility themes, cleaner and simpler, and technical clothing are taking the lead.

Soccer Fields Forever:

Football and fashion have met several times in 2023, celebrated by Martine Rose and Wales Bonner, adidas with the Terrace collection, and the cult posh series by the Beckhams. All of this contributes to reigniting a 2000s nostalgia that is now difficult to extinguish. In fact, the major football events of 2024, notably the UEFA Men’s Euros, will establish blokecore and blokette as the identifying styles of the year.

Facilitated by continuous references to British football culture, already extensively exploited by Martine Rose, as demonstrated by her recent collaboration with Stella Artois beer. Also deeply rooted in football culture, the adidas Samba will maintain its cult status in 2024. Football jerseys, such as Messi’s Inter Miami FC jersey (already spotted at London Fashion Week 23) or Arsenal’s Maharishi jersey, will be among the most coveted pieces in the months to come.

Sneakers will evolve with playful, vibrant colors, like PUMA’s Creepers, drawing inspiration from retro football jerseys, and the Puma Palermo.

New Wave of Sport:

The Paris Olympics, Tour de France, Wimbledon, and the new F1 season will provide style inspirations different from those already explored by streetwear, which remains popular. Brands are now drawing vitality from alternative sports, including car racing, cycling, Formula 1, and ice skating.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix marked a turning point for Bikercore, refreshing the narrative with A$AP ROCKY’s PUMA streetwear meets motorsport” collection, featuring technical fabrics, half-finger gloves, and structured knee pads.

Regarding women’s clothing, the “ice skatingstyle will captivate, as already hinted by SKIMS and Chanel advertising campaigns. Rugby shirts, hockey jerseys, and other sports pieces, somewhat neglected until now, will forcefully return, considered by outsiders.

Opiumcore and Corpcore:

Trends like Opiumcore and Corpcore will be the most impactful for the subcultures of Generation Z, with styles reinterpreting grunge and workwear for those who didn’t experience the original period in the ’90s. Nostalgic themes from the ’00s emerge, along with a certain essential clubwear that was led by Prada and Helmut Lang at the time, making a slightly updated comeback.

Corpcore Trend 2024

On TikTok, #opiumcore mentions have maintained 43 million views in the United States in recent months, 89% of which are from the 18-24 age group.

Technical Utility:

As the Gorpcore trend loses momentum, it’s being replaced by a new range of clothing with technical qualities, the Technical Utility. Once reserved only for technical sportswear, this utility style is cleaner and devoid of patterns, rooted in the Prada collections of the early 2000s and the clubwear style of the same era.

Outerwear such as coats, bombers, and parkas with clean styles and tonal colors support the technical narrative, already hinted at by the UNIQLO x White Mountaineering and Fear of God and adidas collections, which showed the direction of the trend in 2024. While once reserved only for technical sportswear, GORE-TEX is now present on shirts, Salomon XT-6 sneakers, gloves, and other urban pieces, although its connection with outdoor life will still play a major role. From 2024, GORE-TEX will cater to a broader audience.

Leather Bombers:

Thanks to the growing influence of Opiumcore, the latest Gen Z subculture derived from Playboi Carti‘s record label, Leather Bombers are replacing classic bikers and leather blazers, popular in recent years. Already spotted on Hailey and Justin Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kylie Jenner, classic and collared versions have seen arrivals increase by 183% compared to the previous year, fitting into the Dark style narrative.

While naturally fitting into grunge narratives, the leather bomber owes its popularity to the Quiet Luxury of 2023 when clothing was reduced to a simpler aesthetic. For 2024, maintaining the clean design of streetwear pieces, with oversized shapes or added collars, will be predominant.

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