KidSuper’s Pret-a-Porter Art: AW23 “Funny Business”


Faces, atmospheres, and vibrant colors blend harmoniously to evoke a playful sensation. Each garment carries positive vibes, a philosophy that Colm Dillane has embraced both as an artist and as a designer.

The highly anticipated Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, “Funny Business” by KidSuper, blends streetwear with contemporary art and stand-up comedy.

Colm Dillane, one of the most prominent designers of the moment, places his brand, KidSuper, at the forefront of streetwear fashion. His unique style, which melds the art of painting with the world of streetwear, has its roots in Colm Dillane‘s parents’ basement and has now led him to become the guest designer for Louis Vuitton Menswear.

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Following its debut in January of this year, Colm Dillane’s KidSuper is ready to release the first part of its highly anticipated AW23 collection, “Funny Business.” Through images shared on Instagram, KidSuper offers us a closer look at the collection, initially debuted as a fashion-comedy show during Paris Fashion Week in January. This unconventional interpretation of a runway show aligns with KidSuper‘s eccentric approach to design, and the collection continues to follow Dillane’s vibrant creative path.

In the campaign images, standout pieces include two new versions of the famous “Kissing Puffer” jackets in yellow and blue, matching patterned pants, a graphic cream and blue cardigan featuring the “KidSuper Studios” logo, and a long black overcoat adorned with a stencil portrait, along with a pale yellow suit.

Worn by celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton, Jack Harlow, and Gigi Hadid, KidSuper Brand has dominated the scene for the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down. Founded by American artist Colm Dillane, this Brooklyn-based streetwear brand has earned a solid reputation for its stylish clothing that showcases Dillane’s abstract artwork.

From his early days creating T-shirts in his parents’ basement, Colm Dillane has become the designer for some of the world’s biggest stars and has designed a collection for Louis Vuitton. KidSuper has been his primary vehicle for artistic expression, allowing him to transcend the boundaries of streetwear.

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This year, KidSuper took an unprecedented step. Instead of a traditional fashion show, Dillane presented his new AW23 collection, titled “Funny Business,” through a special Netflix-style comedy show in Paris. During the runway, comedians of the caliber of Tyra Banks and Andrew Schulz humorously interpreted the collection with classic stand-up performances.

One of the most memorable pieces in the collection is the “Performers Peacoat.” This elegant overcoat features a faux brown wool structure, peak lapels, padded shoulders, and a bright orange satin lining. The black and red silhouette graphic printed on the front captures attention and adds an artistic touch to this garment.

Another impactful item is the “Fire Escape Embroidered” jeans. This bold pair of jeans features an all-over white embroidery and the brand’s distinctive “K” logo tab on the back. The jeans depict a classic Brooklyn building with a silhouette ascending the fire escape and a KidSuper shop on the ground floor.

To commemorate the groundbreaking Parisian Runway show of KidSuper’s AW23 collection, the “Funny Business Tee” is a classy addition to any graphic T-shirt collection. A vintage-inspired graphic poster of the event, featuring a captivating portrait of a dancing woman, is printed on the white crewneck.

KidSuper is a playful and innovative brand that transforms Colm Dillane‘s contemporary artworks into captivating pieces for those who dare to be bold. For those who appreciate Dillane’s work or are drawn to the brand’s vibrant aesthetic, the AW23 “Funny Business” collection is an unmissable fusion of fashion and creativity.

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New Kidsuper Studio Fall/Winter 2023 Drop

The brand Kidsuper‘s new collection represents Colm Dillane‘s ongoing artistic evolution and constant quest. It’s the outcome of a thorough examination of color, material, and design. Through classic pieces like high-neck sweaters, six-button parkas, full-button cardigans, and fabric trousers, Kidsuper highlights Dillane’s artistic language.

Faces, atmospheres, and vibrant colors blend harmoniously to evoke a playful sensation. Each garment carries positive vibes, a philosophy that Colm Dillane has embraced both as an artist and as a designer.

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