KidSuper Studios: An Explosive Mix of Art and Fashion.


With KidSuper, traditional streetwear does introspective work, grows emotionally to become a medium of the deepest human emotions; it abandons that superficial, sometimes merely provocative appeal, returning to being as enthusiastic as a child.

«Only those who Want to be Forgotten Give Up».

KidSuper is a streetwear brand hybrid between fashion and art – founded by Colm Dillane, a Brooklyn-based artist who took his first steps into the art world in his parents’ basement.

Colm creates colorful works that express a strong positive charge. Soon, his high school friends asked him to put all that cheerfulness on basic T-shirts and sweatshirts, and at just 14 years old, he created the first streetwear pieces of what would become the KidSuper brand.

KidSuper is a Brooklyn based Streetwear brand which mixed Art and Fashion
KidSuper Studios T-Shirts

Dillane is not really interested in the fashion world. He simply dreams of a space where he can create graphics and illustrations for his tees.

Yet since his brand’s inception in 2012, Colm has managed to go where he never imagined: he has won the prestigious LVMH Karl Lagerfeld award, collaborated with Steve Aoki , created with PUMA his first soccer shoes, worn in the Premier League by Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin, hung out with and dressed -the most influential current figures in the world of music and sportsKidSuper’s Brooklyn headquarters has become a “living room” that gathers NY’s most talented artists and creatives, where they experiment, collaborate and party.


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“Now I want to figure out how to make myself respected in the art world as well” he said recently, and we can bet that will be the case.

His debut on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week SS23 was a mix of art and fashion like never before: more than a fashion show, it was a real auction where spectators could snap up 23 paintings signed by the designer himself, under the supervision of Christie’s Lydia Fenet who, for the occasion, became the auctioneer of the fictitious auction house Superby’s.

Among the buyers who signed up for the performance were Mike Amiri and rapper Russ; the latter made a bid of $210,000.

It is estimated that the total value of the proceeds exceeded half a million dollars.

Undoubtedly, art is the focal point of KidSuper: each piece is unique and unconventional as it showcases Colm’s mastery of hand drawing, masterful use of color and expressing the full range of human emotions through his subjects.

With KidSuper, traditional streetwear does introspective work, grows emotionally to become a medium of the deepest human emotions; it abandons its proverbial veneer of superficiality, sometimes merely provocative, returning to express simplicity and enthusiasm, as a child would.

It brings cheerfulness, it expresses light-heartedness through urban pieces that catch the eye in any direction, made with high quality fabrics.


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KidSuper Studios’ Cool Kids.

For the launch of the Fall Winter 22/23 collection, Colm Dillane filmed ‘The misadventures of KidSuper’: a short film that sees his friends and some Brooklyn kids living the streets of the Big Apple to the fullest, including youthful adventures, murals, bars, skate parks, and parties of extreme fun and excess.

The protagonists include Joey Badass, Alex Goldberg, Kenneth Cash, Rabiullah Sikander, Princess Nokia, Myles Garret, Big Body Bes, and Colm Dillane himself.

The short film has a clear message at its core: Anything is Possible.

Just as it is possible for a brand born in a Brooklyn basement, by a guy with no artistic or fashion background, let alone the financial means to invest in any education or entrepreneurial activity, to get where KidSuper has got to.

“KidSuper is an idea born out of a desire to dream and rediscover the wonder of being a child. KidSuper was born from those childhood memories of running around in your underwear with a homemade cape, convinced that you had superpowers and that nothing and no one could tell you otherwise. KidSuper works to recapture this magic and to re-explore the KID in each of us who cries out to follow him on some adventure, do something creative or just for fun”.

Colm Dillane

We are really proud to add KidSuper to our catalogue of Black Box brands. With its striking prints, abstract patterns, bold colors and oversized volumes, it conveys strength and hope: a much-needed boost of enthusiasm.

Discover KidSuper at blackboxstore.com and in Store!



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