Jun Takahashi’s Love for Stanley Kubrick.


Kubrick's dark vision has echoed in Undercover's aesthetic, which has spawned some of the most interesting collections of recent years; featuring garments on which iconic frames from his movies and patterns inspired by his sinister settings are showcased.

All of the Japanese designer’s collections inspired by the cult movie genius.

On March 7, 1999, the world lost one of the greatest masters of world movies. Stanley Kubrick. This editorial aims to celebrate his cultural impact and the influence that his sinister and recognizable aesthetic still exerts in fashion, especially that of  Jun Takahashi, founder of the Undercover brand.

Stanley Kubrick is remembered for his ability to continually reinvent himself, to immerse in every cinematic genre, from psychological thrillers to dystopian horror, via political satire and atomic wars, producing a masterpiece each time. What is most striking in his films is the attention to the smallest details and costumes.

Stanley Kubrick on “Barry Lyndon” movie set.

Impossible not to associate the 1970s-style sky-blue dresses of the Gredy twins with the film The Shining, and it is generally the first thing one remembers about the film; and again, the Druggies captained by “Alex,” interpreted by actor Malcolm McDowell, invading the London streets wearing white overalls, jockstraps and bowler hats.

Through the costumes, the director accompanied the film’s main narrative with iconic, recognizable clothes inextricably anchored in the cult.

A famous frame from 2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968

One of the contemporary designers who draws most from his school is Jun Takahashi, founder of the Undercover brand, who in several collections has shown that he is literally fascinated by the master’s cult.
Kubrick’s dark vision of humanity has echoed in Undercover’s attitude, resulting in some of the most interesting collections of recent years, featuring garments on which iconic frames from his films, patterns inspired by his sinister settings and the interior design of his masterpieces stand out.

Find out what they are.

SHINING – Spring / Summer 2018

For the Undercover Spring / Summer 2018 collection, Takahashi incorporated frames from the 1980 psychological thriller ‘The Shining’ on his female silhouettes, explaining, “People have two sides.”

The fashion show was a cinematic representation of the film’s settings and emotional tension, with a location reminiscent of the infamous Overlook Hotel, while the film’s original soundtrack accompanied the models on the runway.

At one point in the show, twin models as the evil Grady sisters in the movie appeared on the stage in sky-blue dresses covered in drops of blood made from red beads.

A creepy but brilliant collection and show.

2001: SPACE ODYSSEY – Fall / Winter 2018

In the same year as the collection inspired by The Shining, Jun Takahashi paid homage to another cult staple – for many the best – of the director’s cinematography.

The Undercover men’s FW18 collection showcased 2001: A Space Odyssey: frames and phrases from the film covered jackets, bags, pants, hats and capes. Opening the fashion show was a large group dressed as astronauts from full-body suits.

Also on the runway was HAL 9000, which in Takahashi‘s interpretation became a device to be carried around, like a fanny pack.

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE – Fall / Winter 2019

The year following the “2001: a space Odyssey” collection, the Japanese designer reenacts Kubrick, this time with 1971’s cruel and cynical masterpiece, “A Clockwork Orange.”
Titled “The Droogs,” the cult term for “friend,” the collection featured stills printed on all the garments. For the fashion show, Takahashi left nothing to chance: to open the show, a group of masked droogs sway to the notes of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

The emotional tension that accompanies the entire viewing of the film also accompanied the entire parade.
In an interview, Jun Takahashi recounted seeing the film for the first time when he was in high school:

“It was really shocking. The story of violence, sex, youth, all together, inspired me. Of course, I am against violence.” Jun Takahashi.

Which of the three collections did you like best?
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