Coquette Aesthetic: A New Narrative in Sneakers Culture.


Although, as we've seen, Coquette enthusiasts tend to opt for Mary Janes, the trend is also extending to the world of sneakers, with collectors and customization artists modifying the feminine silhouettes of brands like Asics, New Balance, Nike, and adidas.

The trend of bows and beads is creating a compelling alternative to athleisure.

What exactly is the Coquette aesthetic?

Coquette” literally means “flirtatious“: this new aesthetic can be interpreted as a mischievous and frivolous, yet simultaneously naive approach. The distinctive elements of the Coquette style are an accentuated femininity and the obvious use of pastel tones, especially pink, with a playful touch of romanticism expressed through floral or gingham patterns, frilly details, and romantic touches like bows, beads, ribbons, embroidery, and rhinestones.

Asics x Shushu Tong: one of the first official Coquette Sneakers

According to statistical data and algorithms, the trend of the “Coquette girl” and “Coquette core” is one of the most sought-after trends on TikTok.

This style could draw inspiration from the protagonist of Nabokov’s book, “Lolita“: a “flirtatious” woman, very feminine and self-assured. The look combines a variety of trends, including ballet core-style lace, bustiers, silk dresses, miniskirts, cardigans, and cropped tops with lace and puffy sleeves. Slip dresses and pastel-colored skirts or floral prints are paired with Mary Jane shoes and platform shoes with maxi bows, hair bands, bags, heart-shaped jewelry, pearl necklaces, gloves, and lace and satin ribbon stockings.

The Coquette core aesthetic is not limited to just style but also entails impeccable makeup and manicure: a natural-looking face with little blush, light eye makeup with bright eyeshadow, a subtle eyeliner, and black mascara to accentuate the eyes and make them almost dramatic, reminiscent of a fawn.

Although, as we’ve seen, Coquette enthusiasts tend to opt for Mary Janes, the trend is also extending to the world of sneakers, with collectors and customization artists modifying the feminine silhouettes of brands like Asics, New Balance, Nike, and adidas (to name a few), adding lace, crystals, and bows to make them more coquettish

Cecilie Bahnsen x ASICS

The sneaker culture, seen from a female perspective, has never enjoyed such an influential push that has generated such significant interest. Sneaker enthusiasts have always enriched the ranks of collectors, but the phenomenon has never become mainstream, remaining confined to the female niche.

Given the scope of its expansion, the trend of coquettish sneakers has also caught the attention of those who usually do not follow sportswear fashion but prefer more elegant attire. From the brand’s perspective, they have seized the potential behind this trend.

While in the past, coquettish sneakers were mainly the result of customizations by artists, adidas Originals – in collaboration with the Amsterdam-based design collective, Studio Hagel – introduced the first official silhouette of the trend: the adidas Samba Napkin.

These sneakers have revolutionized the concept of Samba, replacing the traditional suede, nylon, or leather upper with an extraordinary fabric reminiscent of a refined kitchen napkin.

Hagel’s designers were inspired by vintage napkin details, reflected in the delicate cotton weave and intricate embroidered details decorating the sneakers’ upper, available in a variety of vibrant shades of yellow, blue, and pink, with precise stitching that completes the look.

It’s an example of “Quite Coquette,” a neologism that replaces pearls and bows with embroidered lace and little flowers.

Unfortunately, the adidas Samba made in collaboration with Studio Hagel falls into the category of custom design, destined to remain a unique piece without widespread distribution. However, they represent a step forward from private Coquette-style sneaker customizations.

Could this be the first of a series of creations that will mark the beginning of the romantic revolution in streetwear and sneaker culture?

Coquette Aesthetic is emerging as a fresh and captivating narrative within sneaker culture, redefining the traditional canons of streetwear with a romantic and creative touch. This trend not only expresses accentuated femininity but also reflects the individual personality of the wearer.

The expansion of this trend into the world of sneakers not only broadens the appeal of athletic footwear among female audiences but also attracts wider interest, including those who usually prefer more elegant attire. The introduction of official silhouettes, such as the adidas Samba Napkin, represents a significant step towards the widespread commercialization of this aesthetic.

However, it remains to be seen whether this is just the beginning of a true romantic revolution in streetwear and sneaker culture. With the enthusiasm surrounding this trend, we can only hope for further innovations and creations that will continue to define and redefine the boundaries of contemporary fashion.



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