The best Shows from Milan Fashion Week SS23


With its 210 appointments, Italian fashion restarted with a new and renewed enthusiasm, stronger than previous years.

We selected the best three shows of the just concluded Milan Fashion Week SS23, waiting for the London ones.

On Monday, September 26, Milan Fashion Week officially ended, without disappointing expectations.

With its 210 appointments, Italian fashion restarted with a new and renewed enthusiasm, stronger than previous years. Milan saw 5 days of feverish pace, where fashion insiders and fashion bloggers traversed the city far and wide, from early morning until late at night, always with a full glass of Franciacorta, the event’s official sponsor.

Here is a fresh review with the best fashion shows that will be remembered over the years.

Han Kjøbenhavn Spring/Summer 2023 collection at Milan Fashion Week


The story of Alessandro Michele, Gucci‘s creative director since 2015, is truly singular: growing up with twin sisters, both of whom he considered his own mothers, he challenged, from an early age, the legacy of the social superstructure associated with the traditional family.

This experience forged him as an artist, developing a delicate sensitivity, a deep empathy that he also pours into his collections.

His background was an inspiration for the Milan fashion show: TWINSBURG, an ontological reflection on the theme of the relationship between the self and the other.

He did this by having on the runway 68 pairs of twins that he went in search of in the American town of Twinsburg, Ohio – hence the name of the collection – famous for being, precisely, “the town of twins.”

“I am the son of two mothers: mother Eralda and mother Giuliana. Two extraordinary women who made twinning the ultimate seal of their existence. The grace of their duplicated and expanded love has always produced in me a fascination for the double, for that which seems to reflect itself equal. It is in this specular multiplication that I catch every time an aura of beauty, so familiar and powerful. A tremor-filled miracle that defies the Impossible,”

explained the designer, before staging one of the shows that will go down in the annals of global fashion.

The show was touching, highly symbolic and highly emotional: each pair of models, after walking the runway alone, rejoined the other by shaking hands.

Michele‘s personal theme thus took on a collective meaning, telling with kindness, that the other, considered different from us, is actually our complementary half. A twin brother of ours.


Moncler’s was one of the most anticipated events of FW, and it certainly did not disappoint expectations.

The show, directed by Sadeck Berrabah, was colossal: 700 dancers, 200 musicians, 100 choristers, 952 models, a total of no less than 1952 people-the brand’s birth year-“invaded” Piazza Duomo, kicking off 70 days-and nights-of events, workshops, and immersive experiences globally.

The French brand founded in Monestier-de-Clermont celebrated its first 70 years with an extremely high-impact visual performance in which it set out to explore the importance – and power – of performing its garments in repetition.

It was a memorable and irreproducible fashion show attended by 10,000 spectators.


A mix of denim, pop, utilty and sartorial, the Diesel SS23 Fashion Show at the Allianz Arena was a spectacle open to all: artists, insiders, fashion students, passers-by. A colossal audience of 5,000 people witnessed an inclusive, Guinness World Record-breaking show: at the center of the hall-and the stage-was the largest inflatable sculpture ever made.

Experimentation, energy. Diesel‘s rebirth under the direction of Glenn Mertens has just begun, and we’re already loving it.

“I wanted to open the doors of Diesel to the public, to those who have never been to a fashion show, they deserve a show, so I wanted to break the rules by exhibiting the largest inflatable sculpture in the world. This is what fashion represents to me. Everyone can be a part of DIESEL.”

Glenn Martens.



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