Soon you’ll only hear about Auntiecore.


“Seniors and kids have the most interesting style because they don’t give a damn about following trends. That’s why, to me, they are trending.” Tyler the Creator.

Will the style of dressing like aunts/uncles be the next AW22 obsession?

The aunt âgée will be one of the unlikely muses of the next Fall/Winter 2022 trend, and her closet – with its pungent smell of mothballs – a forgotten pile of treasures to be unearthed. From wool shawls to chappal-style slippers to Old Wiser Chicer, the Auntiecore style is bringing a polite, understated aesthetic back to the runways, stripping it of anachronism.

Although the trend has always been the leitmotif of the Gucci fashion house under artistic director Alessandro Michele, since 2015, auntiecore has deliberately remained among the ranks of vintage style aficionados, or romantic promoters of “the way we were.”

Pics: GUCCI AW19 Campaign

The auntiecore is not just yet another return of the style of the past. It is the last great stylistic quest, and it consists precisely in embodying the lived energy, the elegance of a necessary and conscious aesthetic, which-after all-has existed for generations.

Culturally and stylistically, Auntie and Uncle is not specific to people who have consanguineous ties to us: in black culture, for example, the term is used to refer to any elder, even strangers, and carries with it love and respect, regardless of the bond it represents.

Auntie’s style is rather classic, garrulous, comfortable, and totally at odds with everything else; its being decontextualized makes it extremely charming.

Dissimilar from everything, yet so cool.

Tracing where the trend comes from is a bit difficult; it can certainly be traced back to the black community in the Southern United States, when aunts would go to church on Saturdays, fully dressed, for Sunday Best. The way women and men, no longer very young, dressed inspired designers in building their collections, integrating these cultural elements with their stylistic references.

One of the most fervent representatives of the Auntie is Tyler the Creator: far from glamorous from the stereotypical stylistic rappers, all gold chains and oversized garments, Tyler has always maintained his own identifying style, in a pinwheel of preppy juxtapositions to plaid socks, loafers, and pastel-colored cardigans. In a 2016 interview, Tyler stated:

“Seniors and kids have the most interesting style because they don’t give a damn about following trends. That’s why – to me – they are trending.”

This quote could be placed at the basis of the Auntiecore Manifesto, should it someday be written.


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Auntie Style, however, became “core” thanks to the collection considered “initiatory,” which allowed it to slowly but steadily settle into the range of contemporary trends: “adidas x Gucci.”

With its meticulously cut tracksuits, blouson tops and jackets, mid- and long-length dresses, and general ability to perfect classic garments, adidas and Gucci reworked on the charismatic and refined aesthetic and energy of the European “auntie.”

Here the auntie or the uncle are two hardy frequenters of the tennis clubs of the 1970s and 1980s still tied to a certain heritage, sartorial and exclusive style.

Pics: adidas x Gucci Collection

However, Auntiecore is not just a singular aesthetic, but rather a concept of elegance.

It is an approach to dressing against the ostentation of leather, and it is authentic; it almost always opts for something timeless and, in most cases, comfortable.

So instead of chasing every micro-trend, why not wrap yourself in a shawl or faux leather fur, wear square but mostly oversized sunglasses and a pair of comfortable loafers?

Foto: GUCCI AW19 Campaign

It’s time to embrace your inner uncle and aunt, both in life and style!



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