Paris Fashion Week Menswear FW24/25: Three Unforgettable Shows.


Increidibli shows, special guests and unusual locations: Kidsuper, Wales Bonner and Martine Rose elevated the level of the shows at Paris MAnswear Fashion Week FW24/25

From unexpected models to the most unusual locations: these three designers have elevated the concept of the runway to a higher creative level.

Kidsuper Takes Center Stage with “String Theory”.

Under the watchful eye of a captivated audience, Colm Dillane, the brilliant mind behind Kidsuper, presented his latest collection “String Theory” during Paris Fashion Week Menswear FW24/25.

Following last year’s memorable stand-up comedy at the Casino de Paris, expectations were high, and once again, Kidsuper did not disappoint. The runway transformed into a theatrical stage, enriched by live violinists and a classical dancer gracefully showcasing the Fall/Winter 2024 collection.

Dillane‘s creativity has seamlessly merged streetwear with a new cultural dimension, outlining an innovative paradigm that could be dubbed “Streetwear Culture.” The “String Theory” by Kidsuper, inspired by string theory, proposes a fascinating concept: everything is connected by an invisible thread.


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This concept is clearly reflected in the progressive development of the collection, starting with classic garments and evolving into creatively unusual pieces. The runway featured 42 looks, including wool coats adorned with embroidered faces, puffer jackets embellished with three-dimensional moss, and oversized denim paired with outerwear painted in KidSuper‘s distinctive abstract style.

Primary and pastel shades dominated the catwalk, creating a visual kaleidoscope that captured the audience’s attention. A highlight was the unexpected appearance of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, the former Brazilian footballer, who presented the eagerly awaited “KidSuper Football Club.” The collaboration between Kidsuper and Ronaldinho made its debut with a blockcore-style jersey, adding a sporty and unique touch to the already eclectic collection.

Kidsuper once again demonstrated its interconnectedness between fashion and figurative art, successfully combining creativity, entertainment, and philosophical concepts in an extraordinary presentation. Kidsuper’s “String Theory” 2024 proved to be a source of inspiration, illuminating fashion with an invisible thread that connects the past, present, and future.

Martine Rose Illuminates the Night with a Surprise Runway Show at Café Cuba in Paris.

In a move that underscores once again her innovative designer imprint, Martine Rose held a surprise runway show at Café Cuba in Paris, reaffirming her status as the “Queen” of unconventional locations in contemporary fashion. The announcement of the runway show came only at midnight the day before, practically eluding any official Paris Fashion Week schedule, confirming the spontaneity and surprising creativity of the London-based designer.

The venue, an intimate and semi-unknown space, transformed into a cultural club, resembling more an exclusive private party than a global fashion runway.

This approach aligns with her distinctive style and a lifestyle that leans towards English subcultures, raves, and a kind of marginalized nerdiness, overturning conventional fashion expectations. Café Cuba turned into a ’90s club atmosphere, with electrifying anthems reminiscent of the best moments of ’90s raves.

As positivity and authenticity filled the air, the first looks showcased by the crowd captured attention, characterized by oversized tailored jackets, silk shirts, bold ties, and reimagined classic trousers.

Rose’s collection celebrated the freedom of London’s urban style, presenting practical and bold looks conveying a genuine celebration of diversity and individuality. The runway narrative progressively developed, transforming the aesthetic into something nocturnal and vibrant, evoking the pulsating energy of raves, a beloved element for the designer. Key pieces included orange velvet pants paired with pink high heels, camo cargo pants accompanied by black stiletto heels, and blue zebra prints with sparkling sequins.


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Martine Rose once again demonstrated her ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary, providing spectators with a night of fashion and entertainment that will undoubtedly remain etched in the memory of Paris Fashion Week.

Wales Bonner Transports Us to Howard University in Washington, Symbol of African Americans.

In a vibrant homage to Howard University in Washington, Grace Wales Bonner transported the audience into an atmosphere rich in symbolism and awareness during her latest runway show in Paris. The designer, renowned for her ability to merge culture and fashion, collaborated with the Moorland-Springarn Research Center at Howard University, drawing inspiration from the institution’s rich history as a symbol in the 1960s civil rights struggle for African Americans’ educational rights. The collection was conceived as an imaginary ode to the ’90s, evoking the atmospheres of poetry readings, Hip Hop performances, and university classrooms.


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Wales Bonner‘s sartorial style embraced the “back to school” concept with a selection of classic pieces, including varsity velvet ribbed blousons, baseball jerseys, and aviator jackets in nappa leather with patches. The collection reflected a fusion of multicultural influences, incorporating details such as crochet inserts and ornamental mirrors from India, vintage Kantha quilts transformed into parkas, and the expertise of Savile Row tailors evident in cropped tweed bouclé trousers and melange cashmere double-breasted jackets.

A cultural and multiethnic richness, representative of the heritage of the University of the U.S. Capital, gave life to an extraordinary “Dream Study” that literally came to life with performances by producer Rashad Ringo Smith and rapper-singer Yasiin Bey during the runway show.

Wales Bonner also exclusively presented her latest collaboration with adidas originals. The designer creatively reinterpreted the Superstar model, giving it a crocodile-printed leather treatment. The anticipation of imminent commercial success for this collaboration is more than plausible, adding an additional touch of excellence to a runway show that successfully celebrated the eclectic African American cultural heritage.

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