Levi’s 501. 150 years of the jeans that made history.

The oldest Levi’s 501s ever found date back to 1890 and were discovered in an old mine in Calico, a ghost town in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, in 1940. The model was named Calico in honour of the discovery and features a ‘worn’ wash on the front of the legs.

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Jeremy Scott leaves Moschino: 10 years of Love and Madness.

“There are some who go into a fashion house and tear everything apart to start from scratch.
Others try to see what those who used to live in that house were trying to say, thus starting a dialogue to see if they can come up with something new.
This is what I did when I arrived at Moschino.
He had understood something I also believe in: it’s all a game, where you don’t have to take yourself too seriously”.
Jeremy Scott.

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Jun Takahashi’s Love for Stanley Kubrick.

Kubrick’s dark vision has echoed in Undercover’s aesthetic, which has spawned some of the most interesting collections of recent years; featuring garments on which iconic frames from his movies and patterns inspired by his sinister settings are showcased.

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