McEnroe’s Nike Mac Attack are back. Let the Tennis-Core begin.

The focus on the Nike Mac Attack “OG” paved the way for the Tennis-Core trend, which is inspired by the elegance and aesthetics of tennis, but goes far beyond the sport. Tennis-Core focuses on sophistication, elegant materials and luxury accessories, evoking a style associated with the 1% and privilege that comes with an elite sport.

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Streetwear owes a lot to the Second Summer of Love.

The Second Summer of Love was a brief but pivotal cultural moment, fading just two years later and considered a meteor in the subculture landscape. However, its influence on club culture, dance music and the fashion world is still being felt today, 35 years later.

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Dapper Dan: a tale of Style and Street Credilibity.

Dapper took his inspiration from the black community in Harlem: young men who aspired to wear fancy, high-fashion clothes but obviously could not afford them. So Dan, he started designing logos such as LV, YSL, Gucci, Chanel with the aim of introducing a ‘reinterpretation of luxury’ even in the poorest neighbourhoods of NY.

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