Moncler’s “The Art of Genius” has transformed the concept of Co-Creation.


With "The Art of Genius", Monlcer amazes again; and he does so without provocation, without fuss; focusing everything solely on "amazement": a stroke of genius, that confirms Remo Ruffini as one of the most visionary creative directors of the moment.

Nine extraordinaire creators collaborated with Moncler on an interdisciplinary project between art, design, music, entertainment, and technology.

After Art of Genius,” nothing will ever be the same again, costume columnists swear.
The ambitious project promoted by Moncler consists of a co-creation platform in collaboration with nine artists, designers, creatives who are asked to interpret their own concept of “Genius.” Presented at London Fashion Week just past, Moncler Genius was structured in nine different spaces, each dedicated to a collaboration with the likes of: Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, Mercedes-Benz, Palm Angels, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s FRGMT, adidas Originals, Salehe Bembury and Rick Owens.

A strong creative energy animated the presentation of “The Art of Genius,” in the presence of about 10 thousand people who were able to live an immersive and extraordinary experience, imagining themselves traveling by futuristic means of transportation over virtual mountains, in a glamping in nature; in the recording studio of one of the world’s most famous record producers; or in the front row at an unforgettable live music performace.

Moncler has managed to go beyond the very concept of fashion, branding, and collaboration, elevating them to the next level, which we swear-will influence industry significantly. The vision of Remo Ruffini – the brand’s creative director – has long been clear: to explore all forms of creativity, interpret his own vision and fascinate the world. To invest it with Beauty, everywhere.
Between live music and future design, cutting-edge installations, robots, and peep shows discover:

All the performances of Moncler’s The Art of Genius.

The Art of Love with FRGMT by Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Love is a form of Art. So, the Fragment designer presented a futuristic Peep Show based on LOVOTs, adorable Japanese robots that replicate the warmth and intensity of human interaction, joy and affection.

“There are many kinds of love, and I hope this installation will help spread love to the world in a unique way,” – Fujiwara said.

A successful experiment, the robots lived up to the emotional expectations of those who interacted at the show.

The Art of Design with Rick Owens.

Design is a form of Art. Rick Owens offered a unique experience, between a DJ set and an afterparty, in a soundproof steel sleep pod, seemingly algid and aseptic, but hiding a pulsating soul.

A discreet and poetic refuge from the world. Several coordinating garments were presented in black and yellow palettes, with elongated and oversized silhouettes, for a figurative journey to the boundaries of fashion.

The Art of Imagination with Mercedes-Benz.

Imagination is a form of Art. Mercedes Benz‘s space for Moncler imagined a science fiction space, within which the gaze naturally rests on a prominent central element: a futuristic G-Class off-road vehicle.

Almost a decontextualized monolithic figure, arrived from the hyper-future, in an almost primordial environment that could be in this world or in some parallel universe.

The Art of Exploration with adidas Originals.

Exploration is a form of Art. The metropolis of adidas met the mountain of Moncler in an unusual and inspiring encounter.

Two worlds merged in a moving catwalk, catapulting viewers into a vertical jacket made of LEDs that defies the laws of gravity and the physical limits of the peaks to be climbed.

The Art of All with JAY-Z AKA Roc Nation.

The “All” as a form of Art. Moncler and the world’s most famous Hip Hop producer imagined recording a song in an imaginary recording studio, where everything refers back to music, to the modular combination of notes and voice, which co-create and generate an organ vision of the whole.

The Art of Dreaming with Alicia Keys.

Dreaming is a form of Art. The artist, performer, songwriter, and multiple Grammy Award winner gave a spectacular Live performance, accompanied by her iconic piano and evocative choreographic and visual effects, to create an intimate and emotional atmosphere.

The artist paid homage to her hometown, NY, and the concept of dreams as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The Art of Terrain with Pharrell Williams.

Terrain is a form of Art. The multifaceted artist, performer, designer, and entrepreneur Pharrell played with the juxtaposition between the concreteness of soil and the abstractness of imagination.
Pharrell presented an immersive show in a kind of landscape somewhere between desert and futuristic, where everything constitutes an emphasis of sophistication and calm.

The Art of Lightness with Palm Angels.

Lightness is a form of Art. Between touch and hearing, Francesco Ragazzi has distilled a precious performance in a Boiler Room, to make people discover, or rediscover, the infinite possibilities that lie within and outside of ourselves.

A masterfully lit space, snowflakes descended from the ceiling to give the suggestions of high mountain peaks and celebrate their natural beauty.

The Art of Elements with Salehe Bembury.

Natural Elements are a form of Art. Bembury deployed a carved rock in the middle of an aseptic space to explore the connection between man and nature. The footwear guru imagined a natural setting, with references to pristine, unexplored forests, for brave urban exporters.

With The Art of Genius, Monlcer amazes again; and he does so without provocation, without fuss; focusing everything solely on “amazement“: a stroke of genius, that confirms Remo Ruffini as one of the most visionary creative directors of the moment.



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