Streetwear owes a lot to the Second Summer of Love.

The Second Summer of Love was a brief but pivotal cultural moment, fading just two years later and considered a meteor in the subculture landscape. However, its influence on club culture, dance music and the fashion world is still being felt today, 35 years later.

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Trends 2024: growing aesthetics that will dominate Street Style.

As Steve Dool, bran director of Depop, put it, all this feverish rush for the latest trend that has little to do with the creations of stylists, is the increasingly premature fruit of a society that is advancing at an accelerated pace and we only have to look at the upcoming film and TV series releases to see what’s in store for us in the future.

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Dapper Dan: a tale of Style and Street Credilibity.

Dapper took his inspiration from the black community in Harlem: young men who aspired to wear fancy, high-fashion clothes but obviously could not afford them. So Dan, he started designing logos such as LV, YSL, Gucci, Chanel with the aim of introducing a ‘reinterpretation of luxury’ even in the poorest neighbourhoods of NY.

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