Jordan and the carnivorous plants of the English Punk

It all started in the late 1970s in King’s Road, London. Jordan is the sales clerk of the most irreverent and outrageous store in the city “Sex”, by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.

The store attracts musicians, artists and creatives of what will be the future English Punk scene, including the group around which everything will revolve as a planet, the “Sex Pistols”

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The Tumblrers Age

The tumblelog can also include all the processes and the long way between an idea and the concluding post, exactly like we would do with a notepad, where we take notes that will lead us to the creative content.

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Lo Life. A movement of Lifestyle & Loyalty

Polo Ralph Lauren’s creative director Ralph Lifshitz was born in the Bronx, and therefore, he was connected to the needs of his neighbourhood. That’s why he always remembered his journey ‘From the hood to the top’ and worked to bring luxury through fashion to the less fortunate.

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Clubwear, the precursor of Streetwear

The end of the 80s brought with it a new movement that reflected a world of techno, LSD and magical limitless nightlife, and established music and fashion as basic necessities. This artistic movement was clubwear and came to life in the infamous raves connecting streetwear, skater culture and even workwear.

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