Dupouy and VERDY together in Paris for the launch of ALL GONE 2022.


During the vibrant Paris Fashion Week 23, an event was held to mark the launch of All Gone 2022 with an exceptional guest: the brilliant artist and founder of the "Girls Don't Cry" brand, Verdy.

The author of the Streetwear Bible meets the Japanese artist during Paris Fashion Week.

All Gone is Back in Town.

As every year since 2006, the book launch is accompanied by a tour involving the world’s most influential Streetwear stores. While waiting for the book launch in our Black Box Store, we take a look at the first meet and greet of the All Gone 2022 edition in Dupouy’s hometown of Paris.

As the best designers of all time prepare to show on the catwalks – for what will be one of the richest calendars in recent years – Paris welcomes exclusive events and parties as a corollary to fashion week: the city enters into a whirlwind of energy and ferment, difficult to verbalise.

During this vibrant atmosphere, an event was held to mark the launch of All Gone 2022 with an exceptional guest: the brilliant artist and founder of the “Girls Don’t Cry” brand, Verdy.

The famous Japanese artist has exclusively designed the two covers of ALL GONE, The Finest of Street Culture 2022, bringing to life his adorable characters, VICK and VISTY, each occupying a majestic place on their respective covers.

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The event was a great success and brought together street culture enthusiasts, journalists, influencers, creatives, friends, and fans, all lining up to get their copy of All Gone 2022 signed by both Verdy and Michael Dupouy.


All Gone, the annual volume considered the Bible of Street Culture.


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All Gone, The Finest of Street Culture is a publishing project started in 2006 by Michael Dupouy, which collects in a single volume all the best of Street Culture of the past year.

Trainers, collectible toys, accessories, apparel, books: the author selects, collects and preserves within All Gone everything that should be remembered and that would most likely fall into oblivion.

In that feverish succession of collaborations, collections, trends, collaborations that street culture has now become, Michael Dupouy’s book imprints and gives historicity to something that has always been volatile, handing everything down to future generations.

This is Verdy, the artist behind the cute Kawaii characters Vick and Visty.


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Born in Osaka, Verdy began his career as a Graphic Designer, becoming known for his illustrations that brought a new energy to Japanese Harajuku culture. He founded two cult Streetwear brands, Girls Don’t Cry and Wasted Youth, and quickly entered the world of fashion, art and Street Culture.

His rise shows no signs of abating; everyone is crazy about his ‘Kawaii’ characters who, with exuberance and joy, invade streetwear and accessories.

Like so many Japanese Cool Kids of his generation, Verdy hails from the Osaka and Tokyo Punk Rock scene, a background he retains and remixes with the mischievously kawaii codes of Japanese teen culture.

While we wait for this incredible edition of All Gone 2022 with Verdy’s covers to hit our shelves too, stay tuned for book launch tour dates in our Black Box stores!

Stay Tuned.

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