All Gone 2022 – Party in Store Black Box with Michael Dupouy.


Thanks to the All Gone 2022 event, we continue to feed off the passion and inspiration that Street Culture offers us every day, aware that trainers and streetwear are not just fashion, but a true cultural movement that continues to evolve and influence the world around us.

Once again this year, the All Gone in-store event will be on everyone’s lips until next year!

All Gone the finest of Street Culture 2022 is back, and with it the frenzied anticipation and contagious enthusiasm that only an event of this magnitude can generate among Street Culture fans. This year, Black Box and Michael Dupouy have joined forces to celebrate the release of the iconic book, an unmissable moment for all lovers of sneakers and streetwear.

All Gone is a veritable treasure chest of the most significant moments of the previous year, those that shaped and defined the cultural fabric of Street Culture. For fans, leafing through this book means diving into a breathtaking journey through the latest trends, the most exclusive collaborations, the most desired capsule collections and the emerging artists who are shaping the future of  urban culture.

To celebrate the launch of All Gone 2022, Black Box organised two in-store events, one in Bari and the other in Naples. These moments were a special opportunity for Street Culture aficionados, special customers, journalists, insiders and streetwear enthusiasts to meet Michael Dupouy, the man behind the legendary ‘Street Culture Bible‘, in person.

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The thrill of being able to have their own copy autographed by the author himself made the experience even more special and memorable for the participants.
The two events, held respectively on 28 and 29 June 2022, transformed the Bari and Naples stores into meeting and sharing places for all those who live and breathe the essence of Street Culture. The passion and energy that was unleashed on these occasions was palpable, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere, made even more lively by the DJ sets that made the walls of the stores vibrate and the drinks that helped to loosen tongues and encourage fans to meet.

For this special edition of ‘All Gone the finest of Street Culture’, Michael Dupouy collaborated with Japanese artist Verdy, combining their extraordinary creative minds to create two unique covers, embellished with Verdy’s famous characters Vick and Visty. This partnership has added a touch of originality to the latest 2022 edition of All Gone, making it even more desirable and unmissable for collectors and streetwear fans.

The success of ‘All Gone the finest of Street Culture 2022‘ was overwhelming, once again cementing Michael Dupouy’s role as a key figure in the dissemination and celebration of Street Culture. The in-store event organised by Black Box demonstrated how this culture is a true community, capable of bringing together people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures under one unmistakable lifestyle.

Leaving behind the memory of these two extraordinary events, we can already look forward to the release of ‘All Gone 2023‘, confident that the next edition will also be a true celebration of the creativity and originality of Street Culture. Until then, we can continue to feed on the passion and inspiration that this culture offers us every day, aware that Street Culture is not just a fashion, but a true cultural movement that continues to evolve and influence the world around us.

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