Sneakers Peeks at Fashion Weeks SS24.

Among the most seen silhouettes are the Nike Shox MR4 x Martine Rose, declined in a neon orange/yellow gradient, as well as the Puma Avanti C x Fenty ‘Aged Silver’, the New Balance x Teddy Santis 990v3 and those in collaboration with Aimè Leon Dore.

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The most influential players in current Streetwear.

We can still define “Streetwear” as fashion that appeals to young cultures, as a Zeitgeist of the present time. It still refers to the subcultural matrix that generated it but the original style, has gradually evolved into something different than in the past.

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Tommy Hilfiger’s Legacy in Hip Hop Music and Culture.

There was a brief shift from the almost exclusively sporty style of the rappers, who wore famous brands such as adidas and Puma, to the search for something more adherent to hip hop culture, which had to explicate, with the immediacy of an outfit, being moved from rags to riches. And, from this point of view, the Preppy was perfectly corresponding to the American dream of wealth and affluence.

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Streetwear owes a lot to the Second Summer of Love.

The Second Summer of Love was a brief but pivotal cultural moment, fading just two years later and considered a meteor in the subculture landscape. However, its influence on club culture, dance music and the fashion world is still being felt today, 35 years later.

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Trends 2024: growing aesthetics that will dominate Street Style.

As Steve Dool, bran director of Depop, put it, all this feverish rush for the latest trend that has little to do with the creations of stylists, is the increasingly premature fruit of a society that is advancing at an accelerated pace and we only have to look at the upcoming film and TV series releases to see what’s in store for us in the future.

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