Sneaker Game meets Art #2: Stash.


Josh sees Graffiti Art as having a very strong potential to spread his own style, his own signature, even though in most people's eyes it is still an act of vandalism.

The most iconic Sneakers designed by Stash.

We saw in the previous editorial dedicated to Futura 2000, how sneakers and street art are two complementary worlds: fruit of the same big tree that is Street Culture.

Graffiti, as well as sneakers, have their roots in Hip-Hip culture and from that New York City of the 1970s and 1980s that was the backdrop for the story of Futura 2000, Keith Haring, Jean-Michael Basquiat and Stash.

In this second episode of “Sneaker Game meets Art,” we will talk about Stash himself, born Josh Franklin.

He was born on Long Island – NY – in 1967, and like so many teenagers at the time, he became fascinated by street culture and the great NY graffiti art that colored the subway wagons and walls of his neighborhood.

Josh sees in that art a very strong potential to spread his own style, his own signature, even though in most people’s eyes it is still an act of vandalism. The background of graffiti writers, as graffiti artists are called, is surrounded by unwritten rules and codes of behavior, as well as a very high sense of belonging: they are brothers, and to Stash this is so fascinating.

He wants to become a Writers, be part of a Crew and “stain” the city with his logo.

He gets in touch with some New York graffiti artists of his age, such as Futura 2000, ZEPHYR and Duster, names already known in the city; soon, Stash’s name will emerge, eventually leading to an exhibition at FUN Gallery in New York, along with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

After this exhibition, Stash will find a downhill road:

The 1990s would be a consecration in the art world, thanks to his works on canvas and the use of graphic elements and graffiti made on collectibles and streetwear garments – a revolution at the time; collaborations with iconic brands such as Nike and A Bathing Ape would arrive, up to the creation of no less than two brands of his own: Recon and Subware.

With this move, Stash became known globally, not only in the gallery circuit and art enthusiasts. Today he is considered a pioneer of Graffiti Art and an innovator in the world of urban design.

His passion for the sneaker game is undeniable and from a certain point of view inevitable.

We will take a brief tour of Stash’s most beautiful, rare, and seminal Sneaker culture releases!

Stash x Nike Air Max 95

The Stash x Nike Air Max 95 is considered one of the most beautiful Air Max 95s of all time.

Released in 2006, they were part of Stash x Nike legendary “Blue Pack” and featured the same Harbor Blue colorway common to the entire releases. This was the first Air Max 95 to feature a speckled midsole, although Stash sprayed it with Harbor blue and used a gradation of blue, from midnight to navy, to emphasize the silhouette and create a “night sky” effect.
Definitely a masterpiece.
Current price: US$700.00 to US$1,000.00

Nike Air Force 1 Low Futura Stash Inside/Out

A great friendship can only produce great fruits: this is the case of the Nike Air Force 1 Futura / Stash, born, precisely, from the union of the two friends from infancy, who grew up on bread and Graffiti Art, in NY City.

The hyperstrike version features a muted gray upper, the dual signatures of the two graffiti legends on the side: Stash on the back of the left heel, while Futura’s signature is embroidered on the front of the right toe.

The market value of this very rare Air Force 1 has reached mind-boggling figures: €91,327.00

A Bathing Ape x Stash

This extremely rare version of the A Bathing Ape in collaboration with Stash features a gym blue upper, and the iconic shooting star on the side, the heel features embroidery with the overlapping signatures of Nigo’s brand and the New York-based artist, as well as the intesole. The only distinguishing elements of its minimal and simple design.

Nike x Stash NYC Air Force 1 High Sneakers

The AF1 High NYC were released in 2003 in only 1,000 units, sold exclusively in three cities – New York, Tokyo, and London.

The scarcity of the release generated a “gold rush” by collectors and fans, reaching stellar figures in the market.

Nike Kobe 1 Stash “Nort 24” Pack.

In 2006, Stash collaborated with Nike on an exclusive pack honoring the one and only Kobe Bryant. The Nike x Kobe x Stash – Nort “24” included a gym bag, a coach jacket, and a pair of Nike Kobe shoes; the name refers to the Lakers legend’s passion and daily dedication (24h a day).

The pack had a limited run and sold exclusively at the Juice and Nort store in NY.

Current value of Nike Kobe 1: €18,019.00 to €20,593.00

Nike P Rod 1 Elite Stash

2006 was definitely a fruitful year for Stash and Nike, who in February launched a version of the Nike Zoom Air Elite dedicated to skateboarding legend Paul Rodriguez.

The silhouette featured a honeywheat / pimento colorway, which is an interplay of green and honey beige; the highlight of the release, is the laser illustration on the toe and side panels representing the NY landscape.

The back of the shoe features a diamond-shaped pattern; Stash’s signature insole completes the elegant look.

Current value: $1,050.00 to $2,200.00 USD.

Let us know what your favorite Stash release is!



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