Ordinary things – out of the ordinary – signed Takashi Murakami.


What makes the Tokyo-based artist truly unique is the myriad everyday objects he has produced: from pancake pans shaped like daisies, to Frisk candies reminiscent of LSD tablets, to the last drop of the iconic UNO Cards.

If you can’t afford a work by Murakami, console yourself with these “objects of desire”.

Colorful, quirky, exaggerated.

Almost everything has been said about Takashi Murakami, the Japanese artist, sculptor and painter is among the world’s best known, called by Times: “the most influential representative of contemporary Japanese culture.”

His works bring a smile to your face, always; the characters that populate them are inspired by Japanese mass iconography, always smiling, colorful, ironic.

Murakami & Pharrell: “The Simple Things”,

The artist has tried his hand at every artistic production technique, collaborating with so many gloabal brands, musicians, creatives and pop stars: from Kanye West‘s album covers to Kid Cud‘s chains, from Drake’s hoodies to artwork with Pharrell, Murakami’s radiant multicolored flowers are everywhere.

This is how Murakami’s floral design has bridged the worlds of art, fashion, and streetwear.

What makes the Tokyo-based artist truly unique, beyond his unmistakable style, is the myriad of everyday objects he has produced: from frying pans for making pancakes in the shape of smiling daisies, from Frisk candies that are -vaguely- reminiscent of LSD tablets, to the latest drop of the iconic UNO Cards, released just a few hours ago.

Check out our selection of the ordinary – but truly extraordinary – items signed by Murakami!

UNO Artist Series, 2022

Murakami x Frisk Candies, 2015

Perrier X Murakami, 2021

Murakami Menù

Murakami’s Monopoly, 2015

Murakami x Smart Magazine Flower Pancake Maker

Murakami x New Era, 2022

Murakami x Shu Uemura Make up Collection, 2016



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