John Romita Sr: The Comics Master who made Spider-Man a legend.


The comic book world and fans of Marvel characters will remember 12 June 2023 as a sad day: the historic cartoonist John Romita, the man who changed the image of Spider-Man forever, making him a legend, has passed away.

Remembering the iconic Marvel cartoonist, creator of Daredevil, Captain America, X-Men and Spider-Man. Some little-known facts about John Romita Sr.

The comic book world and fans of Marvel characters will remember 12 June 2023 as a sad day: the historic cartoonist John Romita, the man who changed the image of Spider-Man forever, making him a legend, has passed away.

In this editorial you can discover some little known facts about his artwork and how some of the best-loved Marvel characters were born.

Born in New York in the hectic 1930s, the son of a Sicilian baker in Brooklyn, Romita would translate his city’s vibrancy and dynamism and the settings of his father’s work into the character of Spider Man, who would become, along with the fight against crime, also the first character in comic book history to have a humble and somewhat insecure personality, but who becomes a super-hero when needed.

His career began as an inker in the late 1940s. In the late 1950s, he joined the creative team of Timely Comics, later called Marvel. There he met Stan Lee, who together with Steve Ditko created the character of Spider Man in 1962. Lee chose him to take on the role of main draughtsman of the series, starting with issue 39 of ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ in 1966: a turning point in the character’s history that would lead him to eternal glory.

One of the first challenges Lee and Romita faced together was redefining Spider-Man’s appearance: Romita introduced a new design for the superhero’s costume, which included more refined details and a more muscular figure. This new look immediately became iconic and helped solidify Spider-Man’s image in popular culture. In addition to design, their collaboration extended to the creation of new characters and engaging adventures.

Together, they created memorable characters such as the Kingpin, one of Spider-Man‘s main adversaries, and Mary Jane Watson, the love of Peter Parker‘s life.

Peter Parker deserves a separate note: the character’s personality and private life allowed readers to connect emotionally with the young superhero who, without a costume, lives a life like an ordinary NY boy, somewhat insecure and awkward, especially with girls. This aspect was strongly desired by John Romita who, in fact, forged a character beyond Spider Man and as famous as he is: the humble Peter Parker.

After looking at his history, in broad strokes, here are five interesting facts about John Romita Sr’s career that you might not yet know.

  • In 1984, he designed the famous black Spider-Man costume.
    For the story ‘The Alien Costume’ in The Amazing Spider-Man series, he created the black costume that would dress the symbiote Venom, the main villain and arch-enemy of the Spider-Man.

  • Worked as an editor for Marvel.
    After leaving his career as a full-time cartoonist, Romita Sr. served as a curator for Marvel Comics. In this role he supervised the work of other artists and helped maintain the visual integrity of Marvel characters.

  • He was involved in the creation of the character of Wolverine.

Although not credited as Wolverine‘s creator, Romita Sr. played an important role in defining the character’s visual appearance. He helped refine the costume design and establish the distinctive characteristics of the clawed mutant.

  • He contributed to the spread of the LGBTQ community in the comic book world.

Through characters like Mary Jane Watson and the Kingpin, he introduced relationships and dynamics that went beyond traditional boundaries, paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive representation in the superhero landscape.

  • He was involved in the creation of one of Spider-Man’s greatest adversaries, the King of Crime Wilson Fisk, better known as the Kingpin.

He helped define the imposing and intimidating appearance of the character, who became one of the main antagonists of Spider-Man and other Marvel heroes.

With his artistry, his ability to tell engaging stories and his talent for creating iconic characters, Romita has left an indelible mark on the comic book landscape.
His work has helped shape the aesthetic and tone of Marvel, influencing generations of subsequent artists. His richly detailed illustrations, dynamic poses and expressive characters have made Marvel stories even more vivid and exciting. But Romita’s contribution goes beyond pure artistry.

He was a mentor to many up-and-coming artists, inspiring and guiding them in their careers, creating a legacy of artistic excellence and passion for the comics medium that is still reflected in the work of numerous artists who have been influenced by his mastery.

Thank you for everything, Maestro!



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