Banksy’s Street Art Has Become a Comic


Banksy is the ideal comics hero: he lives and acts shrouded in mystery, as Superman or Batman do; leaving a distinctive mark at every step, as Zorro does.

Two Street Art enthusiasts have created the first comic book collection about the mysterious Bristol Artist

When information is lacking, imagination comes into play.

Perhaps they thought of just that, the two Italians Francesco Matteuzzi and Marco Maraggi – respectively a screenwriter and illustrator – when they decided to illustrate the works – and tell the urban exploits – of the most mysterious Street artist ever.

Banksy is the spokesman for the subversive artist who rejects fame in favor of anonymity. He is the one who has managed to bend the rules of the art market in his favor, sending gallery owners, dealers, and collectors into raptures.

His art is always expressed in support of the weakest, those who have no voice; inducing the audience to deep reflection on the dynamics that govern – in an unhealthy way – Western society

He is the ideal of the comic hero: he lives and acts shrouded in mystery, as Superman or Batman; leaving a distinctive mark at every step, as Zorro does.

The new Graphic Novel dedicated to him is entitled “His Name is Banksy” launched last April 7 by Centauria – a Milanese Publishing House, takes inspiration from 1970s Marvel comics: pop colors and metropolitan settings


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The comic focuses on the journey of two boys who are passionate about Street Art and cultivate the dream of meeting their idol in person. Thus, they decide to embark on a compelling exploration to get on his trail, traveling through the cities where his works are present.

The adventure will take them-and us-to the night streets of London or the Gaza Wall, to run the length and breadth of the city by makeshift means, to reach exhibitions kept secret until the last minute, or to gather information and track down those who supposedly might know him. Like two real detectives.

As Francesco Matteuzzi, one of the two authors, argues:

“Trying to find out who Banksy is means putting yourself in the shoes of a detective forced to base his investigation only on the clues provided to him by the person he has to track down. A Lost Cause.”

Maybe this will be your next comic book collection, don’t you think?

WORDS: Manuela Palma



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