The A.I. Artist who mixes Renaissance and Streetwear.


Str4ngeThing uses A.I. to create digital artworks and renderings of phantom sneakers from popular brands that everyone recognises, such as: Nike, Louis Vuitton and Stussy, Tommy Hilfiger and Chanel.

“Str4ngeThing” is an artist who works with artificial intelligence to create decontextualised works of the highest visual effect.

Renaissance settings featuring characters dressed in the most popular Streetwear brands: Str4ngeThing‘s art is inspired by the ‘Mandela Effect’, i.e generating false memories of the past, which change the perception of the future.

The artist uses artificial intelligence to create digital artworks and renderings of phantom sneakers from popular brands that everyone recognises, such as: Nike, Louis Vuitton and Stussy, Tommy Hilfiger and Chanel, to give a hyper-topical effect to the context of his paintings, and then contextualise them in the Renaissance; the project is entitled ‘WR0ng Er4’.

As the artist explained in an interview for Sneaker Freaker, the choice of the Renaissance – which, let us remember – goes from the end of the Middle Ages, that is, from the middle of the 15th century, to the end of the 16th century – came to him during the Pandemic, when he felt the need to return with his imagination to a historical period of Rebirth for Humanity, wanting, however, to “update” the images and aesthetics of the protagonists to the present day, with the fashion we wear and which, at that particular moment, we found to be the most comfortable ever.

In fact, Str4ngeThing is the first AI artist to go viral and reach the Mainstream, even though at first glance, his works might appear to be digital creations; created by superimposing streetwear shots with digital backgrounds. His production is part of the heated debate in the art world as to whether art generated by AI can be considered as such.
For years, in fact, A.I Art was not considered a true art form, until it won prestigious competitions – such as the Art Prize in Colorado – or was exhibited at the MOMA museum: at that point, the reflection, as well as the controversy, became more heated.
We also talk about it here: ‘A.I. Art and Computational Creativity. What is happening to Art?’

Despite being a redoubtable brand of its work, the Nike brand has yet to show any sign of interest, nor any objection, to Str4ngeThing’s work; and now another reflection is needed, mainly concerning the future of fashion:

What is the future of AI in the Sneakers and Streetwear industry?

According to the artist, who started out as a fashion and trainer enthusiast, artificial intelligence will play an increasingly predominant role in almost all areas of our daily lives, including fashion.
There are already designers working at arm’s length with the most advanced AI devices, but this does not distort their function as professional designers: by giving artificial intelligence more creative freedom, they can draw inspiration for unimaginable ideas.

The Styles shown by Str4nge are in great demand: many users have searched online for where to buy them, in an unintentional social experiment of AI-generated fashion appreciation.
Str4ngeThing‘s art is visually reassuring, because it refers to familiar images and logos, but also vaguely shocking, because of the two eras so forgetfully distant and distant, represented so closely together.



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