A.I. Art and Computational Creativity. What is happening to Art?


It is more appropriate to speak of 'Augmented Intelligence' rather than 'Artificial Intelligence': an advanced technology that helps artists enhance their creativity

An artwork created by an algorithm has won the prestigious Art Prize: Artificial intelligence is changing the art world forever.

The debate on the role of Artificial Intelligence in our lives is a topic that has been going on for years now. One of the thorniest questions is whether A.I. can concretely replace human work, whether pushing ahead with advanced technology can be a self-serving, no-return scenario.

From a theoretical treatment still being experimented on by prominent brains in white coats, A.I. is slowly and silently making its way into our everyday lives: from creativity to online content, from the voice in the device that performs your every wish, to the car that drives itself.

In this editorial, we look at art produced by artificial intelligence, evaluating first-hand some works produced by an algorithm.

Can creativity be entrusted to an algorithm?

Jason Allen’s A.I. Generated Art Work Winner of Art Prize – September 2022

Before answering this question, it is worth questioning whether or not art can be defined by the means of production that generate it.

Let us explain: the art system and the users do not differentiate between art according to how it is produced; established artists have allowed themselves questionable freedom of expression, yet they have created masterpieces.

Art is an opinion that stimulates the soul, tickles the multiplicity of human emotions, influences the perception of reality, generates an opinion, stimulates the mind to think. Regardless of how, with what or by whom it is produced, otherwise it cannot be called such.

Can A.I. replicate the emotional intelligence that an artist infuses into the creation of a work of art?


Can a work of art produced by A.I. trigger all the emotions mentioned above in the user?


Can Art generated by A.I. respond to the fundamental function of a work of art, i.e. to arouse emotion and opinion?


Can A.I. replicate – and replace – the emotional drive of the artist in the creation of the work?


The Pros and Cons of A.I. Art.

Pros: In order to create any work, even the most banal, A.I. needs precise commands; you cannot order something elaborate to be created simply with a generic command.

The mechanics that guide the creation of the work, the details, the colours, the lines, the style and all the production processes must be thought out, guided and willed by man.

Who, then, can be considered the artist?

Artificial intelligence can stimulate creativity and give rise to interesting ideas to be perfected, open up new possibilities not yet explored, overcome the limits of the conscious mind, thanks to the algorithm’s lack of limited beliefs.

A.I. artwork inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch

Cons: An artistic production that yearns for a perfection of forms, colors, concepts and expressions inevitably leads to a flattening and standardization of the language and stylistic codes of the work.

The subjects of AI works of art are all different, but the works look alike because they are produced according to the same criteria and mechanics, so to speak.

Imperfection, especially in art, is a valuable peculiarity.


It is opportune not to get sucked into the hysteria and angst of A.I., even the most advanced tools for producing works of art are no more intelligent than Siri – which misunderstands the command and does anything but, if not properly supervised.

It is therefore more appropriate to speak of ‘Augmented Intelligence‘ rather than ‘Artificial Intelligence’: an advanced technology that helps artists enhance their creativity

One day scientists might invent an intelligence so advanced that it can replace human beings, but that day is neither today nor tomorrow.

Are you for or against the art of artificial intelligence?



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