10 tidbits about KAWS Companion.


What happens if a former Disney illustrator creates a less reassuring and decidedly “Dark” Mickey Mouse?

What happens if a former Disney illustrator creates a less reassuring and decidedly “Dark” Mickey Mouse?

In the case of KAWS, it becomes an unprecedented pop phenomenon.

In 1999, Brian Donnelly – illustrator and artist – created KAWS “Companion”: the iconic X-eyed, wavy-eared mouse, which became a very limited-edition pop-art and design piece displayed in the world’s leading international galleries.

Toy’s collectible firsts include having collaborated with almost every major brand and streetwear brand in the world; having “crashed” the Museum of Modern Art’s website when KAWS: WHAT PARTY – the figure inspired by the Michelin Man – was put up for sale.

Almost everything has been said or written about KAWS, yet we’ve unearthed 10 interesting facts about him that you may have missed.

1) KAWS started out to be a Toy of up to 20 centimeters (8 feet), but hand in hand with its fame, it also increased in size, reaching the 37-meter height of KAWS:HOLIDAY – a 2018 inflatable work that floated in the skies of Virginia Beach, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

2) The first version of KAWS Companion in 1999 was much more like Mickey Mouse, particularly the toy produced in an ultra-limited version of 500 pieces by Bounty Hunter. Over time, the mouse has “softened” in features, moving away in design from the original inspirational model.

3) You can buy – and eat for breakfast – KAWS Reese’s Puffs cereal, for $50 (approximately) per box.

4) Toys range in price from a low of $200 to a high of $100,000 at auction; in his “Toosie Slide” video, Drake shows two very rare KAWS, worth $100,000 each.

5) In 2013, the Companion replaced MTV’s Moon Man trophy at the VMA awards.

6) KAWS also include versions of other iconic cartoon characters, such as Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, all the Simpsons characters, and the Smurfs (to name a few).

7) Kid Cudi had jewelry designer Ben Baller create the world’s first KAWS Companion pendant, with 24,180 diamonds, 1 KG of 18K rose gold for a total weight of 126 carats.


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8) In 2012, an approximately 12 – foot KAWS Companion marched in New York’s famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

9) The most expensive KAWS sold is the Companion-Bus Stop, auctioned for $375,000.

10) On Fortnite you can visit the “New Fiction” exhibition, inspired by the Serpentine North Gallery in London.


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WORDS: Manuela Palma



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