KAWS and Shreeji at Frieze London 2023

Fans of contemporary art and streetart had the opportunity to immerse themselves in KAWS’s art during the days of London’s Frieze, thanks to site-specific installations at the Shreeji store in Marylebon.

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Jun Takahashi is also a talented Painter.

At the beginning of September 2023, Takahashi unveiled his first solo exhibition of oil paintings at Tokyo’s Gallery Target. On display were a series of portraits of famous figures who had inspired him throughout his life, but with their eyes intentionally omitted.

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Keizo Kitajima, the reporter who revolutionised fashion photography.

Kitajima helped push the boundaries of representation in fashion, embracing the diversity of bodies, identities and lifestyles, with an almost scientific exploration of diversity. He gave voice to subjects often overlooked or marginalised by the fashion industry, seeking to break conventional stereotypes and promoting a more inclusive and representative image.

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