Keizo Kitajima, the reporter who revolutionised fashion photography.

Kitajima helped push the boundaries of representation in fashion, embracing the diversity of bodies, identities and lifestyles, with an almost scientific exploration of diversity. He gave voice to subjects often overlooked or marginalised by the fashion industry, seeking to break conventional stereotypes and promoting a more inclusive and representative image.

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Liam Wong, the photographer of Techno Orientalism.

From his shots of Tokyo’s sometimes cramped alleys, illuminated by pale neon lights, one can hear the sounds of starters struggling to light up, creating an intermittent blur; or distinctly smell the acrid, pungent odor of Japanese cuisine from one of the diners crowding the working-class neighborhoods.

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50 Years of Hip Hop Culture on Show in NY.

The Rap message, aesthetics and artists have evolved, changing stylistic codes, language and attitude, until today. The exhibition makes an ecstatic and lively exploration of the indispensable role Hip Hop has played in global pop culture, bearing witness to this passing of the baton through the years.

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